About Us

Stacyallyndesigns-owner-woman owned shop



Hi!  I'm Stacy.  Thanks for stopping in!  

Why a pineapple in our logo?  The pineapple is said to be welcoming & that's our mission-I want you to feel welcomed, included and filled with joy 💜.  

I created Stacy Allyn Designs because everyone deserves to be SEEN & HEARD no matter their background, race, color, gender (however you identify) or who you love.  Our designs allow your voice, your statement-YOU-to shine through. We strive to provide wonderful, quality products while offering fast, affordable, discreet (our packaging is innocuous and will not unintentionally out anyone-even our logo flies under the radar) and friendly service.  

Once I decided to put my own need for expression to good use (and support my family at the same time) I searched for products that spoke to me.  You can feel confident knowing you are shopping for items printed by an Eco-Friendly USA Printer.  Inks are water based, bio-degradable and non-toxic; their production is fully automated and paperless.  In addition to providing products that are not harmful to the environment, we are an LGBTQ+/woman owned small business. 

We currently have sizing options up to 5XL in most cases!  More sizing options are being researched and coming soon!

If you have any questions, comments, design ideas, want a custom design, have concerns or just need someone to talk to, please head to my Contact Us Page-I strive for a 48hr reply time.